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 This is a fansite for Tirnua the Game.You can find the game on or on Facebook.

 This site will be dedicated to collecting good information about the game, things that may not be available anywhere else. To serve as a resource for players and / or a documentation / nostalgia site if the game closes. I will try to keep the information as correct and up to date as possible.
I appreciate help.

 Tirnua means "The new world", and is a project started by Luc Barthelet after the Sims Online closed. Most of the developers used to work on the Sims Online. The company was acquired by RockYou in November 2010.

 This site was created January 19, 2011. 
It's a fansite and not affiliated with Tirnua Inc. or Catroo.






Recent Changes

Added a video contributed by Roxy, under custom clothing (March 2014) 

New blog: A Busy Year in TirNua (June 2013) 

Changes to the pages about 3D printing (June 2013) 

Radios and Broadcasting (May 2013) 

Updated information about the Maple tree (April 2013) 

Changes to printing table and first page (March 2013)

New Juice Bars (September 2012) 

New Guest article by Sika: Selling Fruit (September 2012) 

New How to set up a Goto arrow (August 2012) 

New Cheat Sheet for Geraniums! (August 2012) 

New blogs by Raisin and Sika! The blogs talk about our new Tirnua Facebook group and more players coming in, aswell as some drama. What would Tirnua be without drama? Peaceful, maybe? :) Also a new event (Saturday Liar's Dice) added to calendar. (July 2012)

New tutorial series - interactive tutorial. You can read about it here and then enter the game to try it out hands-on! Check it out here, Teach Yourself Tirnua. First one out is Teach Yourself Gardening! (April 2012) 

Trash Machines and Recycling (March 2012) 

Tutorial - How to make Custom Clothes and since the Tirnua wiki with the templates is currently down, added some CC Templates. Also inspiration and a free wing graphic you can use! (March 2012)

New blog The Memoirs of a Crazy Cat lady (Feb 2012) and Cleaning my desk and other Recent happenings (Feb 2012) 

Playdemic on the News new video (Feb 2012) 

Happy Valentine's Day! New blog by Raisin about recent happenings ingame (Feb 2012) 

Interview form! Fill this in if you would like to be featured on the site! (Sept 2011) 

Oil Drilling (Sept 2011) 

Cats and Cat Breeding  (Aug 2011)

New blogs by Elle and Raisin, Crimson's banner shop starting up 

Newsletter - Linked to Qute Pi's latest newsletter, The Lolli Pop #2. 

Cheat Sheet for Orchids - Also added a widget so you can comment right there in the article. Please comment and give your feedback and info! 

Windmills - I've done some testing now that windspeeds are conveniently stuck. I don't get why people complain about this bug either. I hope they'll take their time with it. :P

"This looks promising" blog - Yeah it's not saying much yet but we had a chat ingame. It's a little bit up to him if he has time to do anything with this. It would be great for the game and I'd support him totally. If he comes through I'll also try to market it to old tso players.

Interview with a developer - I think it's interesting to read his story

Carbon Footprint - I think most people think the footprint means it affected yourself. It doesn't really.

And more...


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